Pre-engineered marine fire suppression systems are fixed installations with NOVEC 1230 extinguishing agent. The system protects a given volume of an enclosure incorporating various discharge modes such as automatic heat activation or manual release by way of a mechanical pull cable. Pre-Engineered means the system has been designed and tested to specific criteria which takes into consideration the following factors:

  • Protected space volume
  • Agent weight required
  • System cylinder size and fill density
  • Nitrogen super-pressurization
  • Nozzle discharge flow rate of extinguishing agent
  • Discharge time (max 10 seconds)

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NFG & NFD Sales Brochure

FG & FD Sales BrochureHFC227-ea systems. Please contact for more information.

Systems are offered in 25 cu ft increments. Select your size below for more product-specific information including manuals, datasheets, and approvals.