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Pre-engineered marine fire suppression systems are fixed installations. The system protects a given volume of an enclosure incorporating various discharge modes such as automatic heat activation or manual release by way of a mechanical pull cable.

Sea-Fire Custom-Engineered Fire Suppression Systems protect spaces from 1,500 cu ft (42.5 cu m) up to 17,500 cu ft (500 cu m) and provide reliable and responsible economical solutions that protect large pleasure craft, yachts, workboats, marine vessels…

Integrated marine fire detection systems designed for recreational and commercial marine vessels. Stylish interface compliments modern yacht design, and fully integrates with Sea-Fire pre-engineered and engineered fire suppression systems.

Accessories for use with all Sea-Fire fire suppression systems, including Engine Shutdown (ESRS), Early Warning Heat Sensors, and Manual Discharge Cable Assemblies.

Sea-Fire AT Series

Sea-Fire AT-series systems feature a patented detection mechanism that automatically discharges a highly effective aerosol agent when ambient temperatures reach fire conditions.  They are manufactured in the U.S.A. and are U.S.C.G. Approved.

With the rise in technology that uses lithium batteries, comes the added risk of lithium battery fires. Our partners at LiCELL™ Fire Protection can help you prepare for a lithium battery fire.