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I wanted to take a moment to let you know how pleased we are with your Sea-Fire products.

Since we have started using the Sea-Fire “FM200” for all of our marine projects, the results have been remarkable. We initially chose Sea-Fire “FM200” fire systems due to your broad range of approvals, especially USCG, Transport Canada, Lloyds and ABS.  We have previously used other fire systems that did not have the necessary pre-approvals, slowing the installation process while waiting for the necessary paperwork. Delays in receipt of approvals of drawings and gas calculations have always caused extended installation delays and added cost.
The cost savings on marine installations and the tremendous support from both sales and engineering at Sea-Fire have gone a along way towards securing our relationship.

Access Fire has just completed the new City of Chicago’s Fireboat named “Christopher Wheatley”. Built at Hike Metal in Wheatley Ontario, Canada and equipped with a Sea-Fire FM 200 Fire Suppression System.  The customer is extremely pleased with the product and the installation. The vessel is scheduled for delivery on April 20, 2011

To date we have used the Sea-Fire “FM200” systems on American and Canadian vessels such as, the University of Maryland’s new research boat, the Quebec Laurentide Pilot boat, the ” City of Algonac ” ferry, the ” Walpole Islander ” ferry boat, and the latest Blue Heron  RHIB tour boat.

We have never experienced a warranty problem, on any of our Sea-Fire FM 200 marine systems.  I would recommend your products to anyone requiring state of the art fire suppression for marine use, for the ease of installation, with fantastic product support.